• Cooking Salad

    Spinach Salad with Garlic – Honey Dressing

    May 20, 2017

    Our local farmers market in Grand Rapids usually opens the week after Memorial Day, however, it opened early this year. I spent my Saturday morning walking through scoping out the goods, and while the offerings were…

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    Charred Asparagus Salad

    April 1, 2017

    Here in Michigan the birds are chirping, the temperature is getting warmer, and the sun is setting later, all of this point to signs of spring. In the culinary world, our first sign of spring is…

  • Cooking Recipes Salad vegetarian

    Quinoa Caprese Salad

    March 23, 2017

    Is there anything better than a caprese salad? Tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, three basic and simple ingredients, yet when combined, they’re perfect. Can you improve on perfection, no, not really, but there are some ways to increase…

  • Cooking Recipes Salad vegetarian

    Spingtime Wheat Berry Salad

    March 23, 2017

    I’ve been on a salad kick lately, but not the “typical” lettuce style salad. You’ll remember the previous post using quinoa as a base, well this time I’m using wheat berries. Wheat berries are the whole…

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    Kale Yeah!!!

    March 19, 2017

    Kale, we all know that we should eat it, but have you tried taking a bite out of kale, it’s not good, however if you mix kale into things it’s so much better. This slaw recipe…

  • Cooking Recipes Salad vegetarian

    Mojito Fruit Salad

    March 19, 2017

    Springtime in Michigan can be a struggle, it starts to get warmers, daylight lasts longer and we all want to get outside and enjoy the day. Right around this time, I start to crave all those…

  • Cooking Recipes Salad vegetarian

    Quinoa Salad

    March 18, 2017

    Quinoa has been popular for a few years now, and it’s here to stay. I could bore you with all the health benefits that come with eating it, but I won’t. Instead let’s focus on the…

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    Power House Salad Bowl

    January 6, 2017

    There are a lot of restaurants hopping on the “power house” salad kick. I’m not exactly sure where it started or what ingredients in the salad make it powerful, but what I was shocked to learn…